Use Your IRA to Build Retirement Income

A self directed IRA allows the owner of the IRA to invest in alternative investments. It allows you to invest in real estate, mortgages, notes, commodities, tax liens and several other non-traditional assets. Self directed IRAs have been available since 1974. It is estimated that only 2% of all Americans actually utilize this unique alternative. This option has not been heavily promoted because the traditional stock brokers have a vested interest in keeping their clients in mutual funds and stocks.

The process of establishing a self directed IRA is quite simple and provides tremendous flexibility. This flexibility allows you to purchase investment properties that provide strong cash flows and future appreciation. Real estate tends to provide a more predictable price range versus the current volatile stock market. In addition, an investment property is a tangible hard asset.

The majority of investors who choose to direct their own investments choose to operate in one of three types of self directed IRAs. These include the traditional self directed IRA, the self directed SEP-IRA or the self directed Roth IRA. Please let us know if you would like to discuss the differences between the various self directed IRA options.

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