Why Real Estate?

A common theme exists in those families who have built and passed on a significant estate to their heirs. That common theme is real estate. Most of us intrinsically know that we should have a portion of our portfolio in real estate. The questions have been how do I enter into the world of investment real estate and who can help me begin the process? That is where Georgia Residential Partners can help. We provide a “turn-key “solution for the first time investor or the seasoned professional. Our team of professionals are prepared to walk with you through the maze of acquiring single family investment properties.

With the current volatility of the stock market and with precious metals trading at “all time” record highs, investment real estate provides a great combination of positive cash flow and future appreciation.

Bloomberg News recently reported..."falling prices have made real estate the best buy in at least four decades."

In addition to the above reasoning, investing in real estate provides the following benefits:

  • Income - positive cash flow
  • Leverage – the ability to use other people’s money to control and benefit from owning a major asset
  • Atlanta real estate prices at pre–2000 levels
  • Prices are at roughly 50% of replacement cost
  • Equity is built up as the tenant pays off your mortgage
  • Future appreciation as the market returns
  • Depreciation and other tax benefits

Why Now?

There are numerous reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in Atlanta real estate. Relative to home prices in other major cities, Atlanta provides a huge value. Interest rates are at historic lows and tenant demand is increasing.

The replacement cost of homes in Atlanta is almost twice the cost per square foot of our fully renovated investment properties.

A recent headline in the August, 2011 Atlanta Business Chronicle stated “Demand for home rentals continues to climb”. This increase in demand underscores the prediction from both CNNMoney and Rent.com that rents will increase.

Forbes ranked Atlanta as the “Number 1Recession Proof City to Retire In” (citing current and expected home prices and job growth predictions through 2014)

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